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1 Month Special Ends February 10th, 2013!! - For anyone who is interested in buying a new HAASE kart, this is your last chance to get your new 2013 Haase Mistral (30mm) or Haase Ikon (32mm) for only $3,750.00 and all other HAASE chassis at 2012 prices!!  All orders must be placed and paid for before February 10th 2013 to receive this special last chance offer.  Karts will be ready for pick up/shipping at the end of March.

In 2001, Haase won the WKA Constructors Championship, the first ever European kart manufacture to do so. 
In 2012, Haase took 3rd place in the WKA Constructors Championship beating Merlin, Birel, and TonyKart to name a few.


For more information or to request pricing on other Haase models, please feel free to call us toll free at 877.89.HAASE that's 877.894.2273 or you can reach us via email at